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Energy Label & Point system

When renting out a living space it is mandatory to present a definitive energy label to a new tenant. This allows a tenant to see how energy-efficient a house is and which energy-saving measures are possible. The label classes for homes run from A to G. Houses with an A-label are the most energy-efficient, houses with a G-label are the least energy-efficient. The label also provides an overview of housing characteristics, such as the type of housing, insulation, glazing and heating.

If a landlord cannot present a definitive energy label at the start of the lease, he / she will risk a fine up to € 450.00.
Moreover, if you rent a separate room in your home, a student room, or a national / municipal / provicial monument an energy label is not mandatory.


Energy performance and rental points

Among other things, the Energy Index figure is part of the calculation with which, in case of social housing, the rent based on the Housing Valuation System can be determined. The energy efficiency of a rental property, together with the dimensions and the cadastral value (in Dutch: WOZ), mainly determine the number of points your home receives according to the points system of the Housing Valuation System (in Dutch: woningwaarderingsstelsel = WWS). Does your house only have a few points less than required to rent in the free sector, but would you like to do so? In that case, you might be able to obtain sufficient points with an improved Energy Label. Because energy-efficient homes yield more points!

Do you already have a definitive Energy Label?

Whether there is a definitive Energy label of the house, you can check via Zoek je energielabel. The Energy Label is valid for a maximum of 10 years after the date of issue. Have you made your home, with an already registered Energy Label, more energy-efficient? Then you can clarify the improvement with a new energy label. However, this is not mandatory for the rental of your home, provided the old label is still valid. If your home does not have a definitive Energy label yet, then your home has a provisional Energy label. The provisional Energy label is an estimate based on the data registered with the Land Registry, such as the year of construction and the type of housing. As soon as you rent out your house or apartment, you must apply for a definitive energy label.

Request an Energy Label and Point Certificate

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