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Applicability Disclaimer

When you visit this website and use information from this site, you automatically agree with the content of this Disclaimer. The content of this website is only made available to you for informative purposes and may not be considered as a commercial offer or a specific advice. Property Manager Amsterdam reserves the right to change this disclaimer at any time without prior notice. When you subsequently use this website you are automatically bound by the conditions of the amended disclaimer.


The Property Manager Amsterdam website is composed with the utmost care. Nevertheless, it is possible that the content of the site, and the information contained therein, is outdated, incomplete or incorrect. Therefore no rights can be derived from the content of the website. Property Manager Amsterdam accepts no liability for damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from the use of this site or the information on it. Nor can the owner of this site be held responsible for the incorrect functioning of this site or the presence of viruses.

Changes / updates

Property Manager Amsterdam reserves the right to make changes to the information offered via the website without prior warning.

External links

The Property Manager Amsterdam website contains a number of external links. These links are listed on the website as a service for the visitor of this site. However, Property Manager Amsterdam cannot be held responsible or liable for the content of these third-party pages, for the protection of privacy on these websites, for the services that may be offered on this website or for damage or loss caused by using the external links.

Intellectual property

The texts and photographs of Property Manager Amsterdam may not be copied or modified without prior permission or used in any other way. The intellectual property right of this website (including texts, photos, designs and logos) rests with Property Manager Amsterdam  

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