Based in Amsterdam and specialised in Residential Property Management and Commercial Property Management for all areas of Amsterdam real estate.


Property Manager Amsterdam was founded by Edgar in 2012.

Now together with his team, he manages an extended real estate portfolio in Amsterdam and surroundings offering peace of mind to home owners and investors while helping them learn and explore opportunities for developing their real estate investment strategy.

PMA is focused in high-end real estate market, meaning that all our properties are within the free sector.

Over the years we have built a network of professionals and partners that assist us with all the operation, ensuring a superior service level in every property, from the handyman to a specialised technician to complete renovations.

Our services are geared towards International Private Individuals, Expats, Absentee Home Owners, Real Estate Investors, Private Landlords, Community Associations, Financial Managers & Advisors and Attorneys for Estates & Trusts.


We are available to manage residential properties of various sizes and types located throughout all Amsterdam and understand the details involved such as responding to emergency calls at late hours, hiring qualified and responsive contractors, maintaining accurate accounting records and handling complaints from tenants. I'm knowledgeable about all facets of the business, available at all times, extremely responsive and provide constant and effective communication. 


Imagine never having to worry about the day-to-day management of your investment property ever again.


That's the kind of stress-free property management service that we endeavour to provide you with. 


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PM Agent




OP. M. and Maintenance




From the estate owner and investors with multiple homes throughout the city and surroundings, to the transferred business executive who wants to retain and/or lease out a home, to the seasonal home owner who changes residences throughout the year, or to the realty investor or landlord, it takes knowledgeable and professional dedication to be  able to understand and manage each type of property to the needs of the owner.


  • Vacationing home owners who want someone to handle the routine maintenance as well as emergency situations that may arise

  • Elderly home owners needing someone they can trust to look after their real estate interests

  • Home owners that intent to rent, that don't want or don't have the time to deal with tenants/process

  • Financial managers who are responsible for protecting their clients home

  • Estates & trusts who own homes whether they are owner-occupied, vacant or rented

  • Corporations, partnerships and individuals that own all types of properties either as investments or rentals or both

  • Home owners who occupy their homes either part time or year-around.​


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