At the first glance renting out a property may seem to be an easy and simple process, but in practice often proves the opposite. Paperwork that's not in order and not under legal terms, unreliable tenants, and technical problems during the lease period – are aspects that can cause you problems throughout the letting, of which many can be avoided beforehand.


We have an excellent network of contacts within the expat market, relocation agencies, multinational HR departments and private clients. We focus on rentals to professionals and top quality tenants, often expats working for large internationals. Our focus is not only to find the perfect match between tenant and landlord, but create a relationship and make sure the property is continuously under eye and at a high level condition, which explains why so many of our clients have granted Property Manager Amsterdam the exclusive right to represent their properties.

Property Manager Amsterdam uses a customised, high quality tenancy agreement and general terms and conditions, drawn up by and with the back-up ofAMS Advocaten in Amsterdam, one of the Netherlands most renowned real estate legal firms.


Property Manager Amsterdam works exclusively with free sector and liberated properties, meaning all properties listed should have 146 or more points (according to the WWS - Point System) and certified with a official Energy Label. To know more click here.

Property Manager Amsterdam works together with a company specialist: that provide you with the point counting and certified Energy label when letting your property.



Furnishing advice & deco:

Review the decor and furniture of the property/what is essential for a successful rental. We know what candidates want.


Energy label:

Mandatory by law for all properties in the market either for rent of for sale. We’ll help to have this sorted.


Point System

We only work with properties within the free sector, meaning more than 142 points. We can help you getting your certificate.


Professional Pictures

The WOW factor: New professional pictures, the eyes are the first to judge.


Property description

We will write a professional text describing your property.


Online advertising

Advertise the property online in the most popular rental websites in The Netherlands, such as and affiliates (more than 10 platforms).


Coordinate viewings

We know that your property is a highly valuable investment. Picking the right tenant can be a daunting task. In order to save you trouble later on, we are available for viewings, also during out of labor hours such as weekends.


Interview candidates

We don’t do open houses when is a rental, we do private showings and interview the candidates to find the right match for your property.


Once the tenant is selected:


Draft Lease agreement

Our leases are draft by AMS Advocaten in Amsterdam.


First pre entry inspection

Before the official tenant check in, we do property inspection to see if the property is ready to receive a candidate.


Inventory list

We will do a inventory list of all the content in the property, with pictures.


Check in

Welcome the new tenant, explain the property, add meters reading, sign inspection and inventory report, deliver keys.


The ongoing hassle free property management:


PM agreement Landlord vs PMA

We will draft an agreement between you and our company.


Hold Key

Holding property keys


Point of contact for tenants /owners/ contractors

Through/via our app, we are the main contact for tenants and contractors.

Create tenant relationship

One of our most important aim is to have an excellent and friendly relationship with our tenants:  “it's all about people and personal relations".


Monthly rent collection (if required)

We take care of the financial part on your behalf.


Utility services registration

We will help our tenants with registering with all utilities suppliers necessary.



Reporting is available via our online platform.


Available 24\7 for emergencies

If it is a non-urgent problem we will first determine responsibility and then ensure it is handled correctly.


Access to Property management App

We use an CRM/app (Arthur Online) to stay efficient and responsive to requests and communication.

Coordinate Maintenance*

Tenants and landlords report any maintenance issues via our app and also for tracking the status of the issue.


Availability for VVE maintenance

In case the VVE needs to take any action in your property, we’ll make sure we are there to open the door. *

Lease expiry negotiations

We will start this process 3 months before the lease expires, which includes adjusting/increasing the rent

Check out

2 months before the moving out, we book a property inspection. At the check out day, a new inspection is performed, inventory list is reviewed, and meters reading are recorded.


CONTACT US  to discuss all the above or any other questions you may have in a free no-obligations meeting.