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Gross rental yields from apartments in the Netherlands continue to be attractive with high returns on investment, especially given the excellent security of the Netherlands, its stability, rule of law, generally vibrant economy, and good long-term prospects. 
In Amsterdam, buy to let yields on properties range from 4.5% to 10%. As usual, smaller apartments generate higher yields than larger, but you need to be well informed in which properties to invest. This is where Property Manager Amsterdam have the expertise.


Why invest in Amsterdam Real Estate?


  • Investment in assets, not in liabilities 

  • Other financial savings/investment products are also often risky, intangible and offer low yields, but this is not the case when you invest in property;

  • The value of your money in the bank can only decline given current interest rates on savings and levels of inflation;

  • When you buy a property you have a tangible possession that always retains its value;   You can realistically earn a return of 4.5% – 10%;

  • Owning and letting readily marketable property is a secure investment, as long as everything is arranged properly;

  • Property can be sold at any time;

  • Limited area, Amsterdam is a small city with high demand;

  • Readily marketable properties are available for almost any budget, if necessary partly financed by a loan.

Why our advise?

Property Manager Amsterdam have been advising investors from all over the world. Helping investors getting higher returns (ROI) and having piece of mind at the same time.

Based on our experience in the Dutch real estate market our property management experts will help you with:

  • Best type of properties to invest in Amsterdam

  • Which properties give higher returns on your investment

  • Location, Location, Location: Best areas for investment

  • Advice on building construction

  • Hunting properties on your behalf 

  • Representing you among all parties: Other real estate agencies, notaries, adviser, contractor, builders etc..

  • Remodeling and renewing

  • Property furnishment 

  • Ongoing Property Management offering piece of mind to owner

  • Search and screen high quality tenants

  • Point of contact for tenants

  • Online Owner Portal, providing you direct access to your property info: reports, tenants information, submit requests 

We'll be happy to discuss all the above or any other questions you may have. Our hourly rate for investment advice is €145,50 exc.vat


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