Letting your property


At the first glance renting out a property may seem to be a easy and simple process, but in practice often proves the opposite. Paperwork that's not in order and not under legal terms, unreliable tenants, technical problems during the lease period – many of these aspects can cause you problems throughout the letting, but also, many can be avoided beforehand.

Edgar has an excelente network of contacts within the expat market, relocation agencies, multinational HR departments and private clients. He focuses on rentals to professionals and top quality tenants, often expats working for large internationals. Edgar focus is not only to find the perfect match between tenant and landlord, but create a relationship and make sure the property is continuously under eye and at a high level condition, which explains why so many of his clients have granted Property Manager Amsterdam the exclusive right to represent their properties.


Property Manager Amsterdam uses the best possible quality customised tenancy agreement and terms and conditions, drawn up by and with the back-up of AMS Advocaten in Amsterdam, one of the Netherlands most renowned real estate legal firms.


Property Manager Amsterdam works exclusively with free sector and liberated properties, meaning all properties listed should have 143 or more points (according to the WWS - Point System) and certified with a official Energy Label. To know more click here.

Property Manager Amsterdam works together with a company specialist: that provide you with the point counting and certified Energy label when letting your property.


Some of your possible questions

  • Should I rent out my house furnished or unfurnished?

  • What should be the monthly value of my property?

  • What is the average rental period?

  • Which legislation applies when renting my property?

  • Do I rent out inclusive or exclusive of gas, water, electricity, television & internet?

  • How do I get my tenants to actually leave by the end of the lease?

  • What is the notice period for tenants and landlords?

  • Do you do both check-in and check-out?

  • Which costs (such as municipal taxes) are the tenants responsibility?

  • Can you demand a cleaner?

  • Do you deal with VVE?

  • Do you arrange the energy label?

  • Do you apply for the point system?


I will be happy to discuss all the above or any other questions you may have in a free no-obligations meeting.


The fee for my involvement is 8% of the annual rent, plus 21% VAT. No cure, no pay.

If you require ongoing property management the letting service will be only 5% of the annual rent, plus VAT.



Point System (to establish the rent) / Energy label

What is the rental value of your home? How many points do your property scores in the so-called point system? Also well known as the Property Valuation System, the Dutch point system is used to determine the maximum rent of your property, the total sum of points will indicate the quality of the property rental.

To each detail of the property is assigned a number of points based on a set number of criteria.

You could estimate how many points your accommodation scores by yourself, but how could you be sure that you have included all aspects? It is much better to leave the application of the point system to an expert. PropertyManager Amsterdam is happy to introduce you to a reliable expert. This will give you peace of mind that all aspects are covered.  If you would like to know how the point system works, feel free to give me a call.

Since January 1st 2008 the energy label is mandatory for homeowners who sell or rent their properties.

An energy label shows how energy efficient a home is and what could be better. The insulation of roofs, walls, floors and windows to the energy efficiency of heating are checked.

We can provide an energy label for your home by a certified consultant. The consultant will visit your home and checks the energy efficiency of it. Afterwards, he determines the energy label of the property. You will receive a report with the results and points for improvement for making your property (even) more energy efficient.


Costs for applying to the energy label go from € 140, exclusive of VAT. (in combination with point system € 240)


Renting a property

If you are interested in a property that is listed by Property Manager Amsterdam you can apply online directly via the website, Pararius.nl or call us directly. When applying for a property, please note that you will need to have a valid working contract in the Netherlands.


To facilitate your application it's important to send a full description when applying for a property. Please provide as much information as possible about yourself, your partner (if applicable), your job, desired rental period, if you have pets, etc...

Then a quick 'scan' will be done to determine whether you could be the right tenant for the property in question and whether you meet any criteria stipulated by the landlord and subsequently an appointment will be schedule to view the property. If you wish to rent the property, we take note of your proposal. In negotiations to establish a tenancy agreement, Property Manager Amsterdam acts on behalf of the landlord. If an agreement is reached,  we check the details you have provided, carefully and with respect to authenticity and creditworthiness.

We then conduct the entire process on behalf of the landlord up to the keys being handed over, ensure that a high-quality tenancy agreement is drawn up and that the property is inspected thoroughly and report back on this on delivery of the property.


To apply


You declare that you are in possession of the following documents:


  • Valid ID;

  • Proof of your financial situation: for employees a copy of a signed job contract, recent salary statements and/or a recent employer statement;

  • If you have your own business, you must provide a recent and original extract from the Chamber of Commerce and an original auditor's report;

  • A reference from your current landlord may also be required


If you rent one of our properties, you do not pay Property Manager Amsterdam a commission. However, you do pay a one-off handling fee of €390 excluding 21% VAT ( €471,90 in total) including the services provided, mentioned above.